Corporate Ways to Give

The SAE Foundation helps you educate your future workforce through innovative programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The SAE Foundation supports the education programs and activities of SAE International which include A World In Motion®, Collegiate Design Series and over 70 awards and scholarships. Our mission is to promote and support programs which encourage and increase student participation and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is fulfilled through these programs.

We can help you fulfill your corporate philanthropy and community relations goals by providing you with the opportunity to fund programs which provide enriching STEM education, and provide opportunities for community outreach through volunteerism in SAE education programs.

By working with the SAE Foundation through one of its Corporate and Foundation Partnership Initiatives, you can tailor your resources to fulfill your goals while also supporting education that will inspire the next generation of innovators. Learn more by contacting the SAE Foundation at 248-273-2480.

SAE Foundation Corporate and Foundation Partnership Initiatives

A World In Motion® - District Wide Initiative
Sponsor STEM education in your local school district(s) by providing funding for all the necessary classroom materials, the company infrastructure to recruit in-class industry volunteers and teacher and volunteer training. Read more to find out how Alcoa Communities and Johnson Controls have brought the AWIM program to school districts in Ohio.

A World In Motion® - Distribution Support
Have a wider scope of impact by providing general support for overall distribution of the AWIM program. This type of support enables the SAE Foundation to provide classroom kits to teachers at no- or low-cost. General operating support of this kind is needed to help ensure that AWIM programs remain affordable and accessible to students and classrooms across the US and Canada.

A World In Motion® - Challenge Competition/Event Sponsorship
SAE International's A World In Motion® Program often partners with corporations and organizations to create special events for students. We have partnered with organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers and Robert Morris University to provide summer camps for students as well as educator workshops to help reach as many students as possible. Learn More

A World In Motion® - Curriculum/Challenge Kit Underwriting
Provide needed funding to support the ongoing development, evaluation and enhancements of AWIM kit curriculum and classroom materials. The newest additions to the AWIM curriculum/challenges: the Fuel Cell and Gravity Cruiser were made possible through funding by the General Motors Foundation and AWIM's K-3 Challenges (fall 2011) where sponsored by Nissan.

A World In Motion® - Contract Services
License the AWIM curriculum and intellectual property for use in out-of-school experiences such as summer camps, Saturday programs and other for- and non-profit out of class learning environments. SAE Foundation's AWIM program staff provides the technical expertise and guidance to make your branded event a success.

A World In Motion® - Customized Initiatives
Customize a program to meet specific internal and external company goals. For example, The Learn Twice Initiative - sponsored by John Deere - brings together K-12 and college students by facilitating the use of collegiate mentors as AWIM classroom volunteers.

Collegiate Design Series - Corporate/Volunteer Support
There are numerous opportunities for corporations to support and participate in Collegiate Design Series events. One way is through charitable contributions, which help keep team registration fees low. Another option is to "host" an event by providing the competition site and volunteers (typically employees) to organize the event(s). Finally, if your company would like to supply volunteers to assist at an already established event, visit the Collegiate Design Series website for upcoming competitions. CDS events attract creative and dynamic students and offer the perfect venue for companies to connect with tomorrows engineering professionals.

Corporate Matching/Challenge Grant
A Corporate Match/Challenge Grant is a great way to incentivize others to join in your company's effort to improve STEM education. Employee match grants promote employee giving while challenge grants can be used to encourage new or increased giving from outside corporations or a select group of individuals. Corporate matching/challenge grants are especially helpful to increase support for annual campaigns and special initiatives.

Donor Spotlight
John Deere
Learn Twice sponsored by John Deere, is the first initiative of its kind in SAE Foundation history. With SAE Collegiate Design Students acting as AWIM classroom volunteers, this unique program connects college classroom to grade school classroom using the A World In Motion Program (AWIM). In its first year, 2,000 elementary students participated with instruction from 225 engineering student "mentors" who donated 1500 volunteer hours of classroom support.
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