Exciting Opportunity for Car Collectors to support STEM Education

Premium electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar has offered to donate the last Polestar 1 built to US specs to the SAE Foundation to support life-changing STEM education experiences.

SAE has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Learning Center (EV-LC) in San Marcos, CA to prepare students for the future in electrification and deliver hands-on STEM learning experiences through the SAE A World In Motion® (AWIM®) program. One of EV-LC’s instructors, Ron Grosinger (known as Mr. G.), has worked with students in CA and NJ.

Proceeds from the sale of this charity car will go directly to the SAE Foundation. The Polestar retail Space in The Mall at Short Hills is supporting SAE in the sale process. A portion will be designated to “ignite STEM potential, cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, and electrify mobility” by providing the hands-on AWIM learning experience to 1,000 students in the NJ/NY area.

This includes the AWIM curriculum with teacher manuals and student guides; all materials resources needed to implement the program; training for educators and volunteers, and program support. The program is easily adaptable to accommodate various student needs and learning environments including in-school, after-school, out-of-school (Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Libraries, Museums, EV-LC), or wherever learning takes place.

Learn more and make your bid to purchase this future classic collector’s car: https://www.sae.org/foundation-polestar-1. Included in the sale will be a tour of the Ridgeville, SC plant (where the Polestar 3 will be built) and two tickets to attend the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration, a premier industry networking opportunity.  

Polestar 1  Vehicle Description:

With 34 kWh of battery capacity, Polestar 1 packs a 619 horsepower in a sculpted carbon fiber body. With only 1,500 vehicles produced worldwide during the 3-year production run it’s a real exotic car for collectors. A recent review in Forbes called it “A Future Classic”: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bryancampbell/2021/11/12/2021-polestar-1-review-a-future-classic/?sh=72ad4fd42fad  

Engine type: Petrol 2 litre In-line 4-cyl. supercharged and turbocharged
Electric motors: 2 rear axle electric machines + Crank ISG
Exterior color: Osmium
Interior color: Charcoal
View the full vehicle specifications: Polestar Vehicle Information

The SAE Foundation Mission

To inspire every student, to spark curiosity, to create a world where STEM education can nourish minds and awaken dreams.

Funds raised by the SAE Foundation support SAE International’s award-winning A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK-8 STEM education program, Collegiate Design Series™ (CDS) and university programs, awards, and scholarships. SAE’s STEM curriculum connects classroom learning with real-life application and helps students develop the 21st century skills and entrepreneurial spirit needed to succeed in future education, careers, and life. SAE’s STEM programs have reached more than 6 million students worldwide and engaged more than 30,000 STEM industry professionals as volunteers.

SAE is the only organization with a comprehensive continuum of PreK-college Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education programs.

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