Awards & STEM Scholarships

SAE Awards and STEM Scholarships Program

Honoring students and professionals – continuing SAE’s commitment to lifelong learning and recognizing achievement

STEM Scholarships

Through generous contributions from individuals, corporations and universities, SAE International is proud to award scholarship money to both undergraduate and graduate students. SAE scholarships assist in developing the future technical workforce by helping students achieve their dreams of becoming STEM innovators.​

In 2021, the SAE Foundation supported 52 students with $282,000 awarded.

SAE STEM scholarship recipients

To learn more about the SAE STEM Scholarships Program, visit the SAE Scholarships page.

STEM Scholarship Opportunities

To learn more about the CAE Bruce Aubin SAE Aerodesign Award or the CAE William G Belfry Memorial SAE Scholarship, visit the Canadian Academy of Engineering website.

SAE Industry Awards & Recognition

Perhaps the most satisfying recognition that an individual in any profession can achieve is peer recognition of accomplishments. This type of recognition is not only gratifying but frequently is the spur to even greater accomplishment, with the result being technological and, often, social benefits for the individual’s associates, employer and the general public.

Since its founding in 1905, SAE has established and operated programs which have recognized outstanding achievements in the design, engineering, and production of various forms of vehicles and their components, systems, and materials. SAE administers more than 60 award and recognition programs and co-sponsors three programs in cooperation with sister societies.

To learn more about the SAE Awards Program, visit the SAE Mobility Engineering Awards page.