Monthly Giving

The Easy, Affordable and Flexible Way to Give

Look Beyond Today and See What’s Possible Tomorrow.

The SAE Foundation helps inspire curiosity in STEM and is committed to reversing the nation’s STEM crisis. Your monthly gift, no matter the size, makes you an integral part of the solution. Our Monthly Giving Program is an easy and flexible way to help the thousands of students, educators and volunteers who are depending on our support.
How it works

For tax purposes, you will receive a gift acknowledgment each month reflecting your donation for that month. Each January you will receive a combined statement for all giving from the previous year. Your credit card bill will also serve as a monthly record of your contributions.

You can change or stop your contributions at any time. Just notify the SAE Foundation at least 2 business days before your next scheduled charge. Gifts are processed on the same day each month.

  • $10/month could provide a JetToy kit to an elementary classroom. Students learn about the core scientific concepts of jet propulsion, friction, air resistance, and design in this challenge.
  • $25/month could provide an AWIM children’s book for twenty-five students. These groundbreaking literature units introduce the earliest learners to STEM concepts.
  • $35/month could cover the cost of a Primary (K-3) kit for a classroom. The “Engineering Design Experience” for Primary students consists of: Setting Goals, Building Knowledge, Designing, Building and Testing, and Presenting.
  • $40/month could cover bringing the Motorized Toy Car kit to a middle school classroom. This exciting challenge teaches students about force and friction, simple machines, levers and gears, torque, and design.
  • $50/month could introduce Fuel Cells to a classroom. Teams explore elements of electrical currents, “Green Design”, and transformations as they develop their projects.
  • $100/month could provide live, hands-on STEM training for educators. Invest in the people who are preparing the workforce of tomorrow through integrated STEM learning experiences and personal discovery.
  • $150/month could aid guided inquiry development of Pre-K science skills and knowledge creating a smooth transition to elementary school learning for 50 young learners.