Pi Day

Double Your Impact on Pi Day.

Todd Zarfos and  an Anonymous donor will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000 on Pi Day!

“Giving all children the chance to experience the joy and wonder of science, technology, engineering and math is the key to building the high-tech workforce we need. By supporting the SAE Foundation, we’re not just exposing young people to STEM skills, we are building critical STEM-fluency and inspiring in them the desire and ability to solve problems, think on their feet and effectively communicate their ideas.

SAE’s STEM programs from pre-K through college provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities that many students and schools would not have without the SAE Foundation and the donors who support the mission.” – Todd Zarfos, 2020 SAE President

As society advances so does the number of job opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Research suggests that gaining student interest in STEM must begin at elementary school-age and carry through graduation.  Now you can help these students by giving them a piece of the Pi.

Help celebrate Pi Day, also known as March 14 by donating to an organization supporting young minds through the spark of STEM-related activities.

SAE Foundation’s goal is to help fill the Pie on Pi Day by raising $15,000 to help with STEM programming.