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Imagine a 5th grader beaming from ear-to-ear as she has her first “aha” STEM experience. Once young learners realize math and science can actually be fun, you can’t un-ring that bell. Together, we can spark “aha” moments in STEM for every student. Your investment fuels SAE Foundation’s work towards equitable access to STEM.

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Based on results from a 2021 survey of teachers who have used AWIM over the past 10 years, the hands-on STEM curriculum consistently generates strong student engagement and improves learning outcomes:


“With the perfect recipe, A World In Motion can actually transform what it means for unrepresented kids like me to do STEM. And more importantly what it means for them to internalize the power of engineering as a way to improve the world around them.”

Mia DeLaRosa
STEM Educator, Sevilla Elementary School West
Phoenix, Arizona


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When you support the SAE Foundation, you can impact the lives of young learners in your community and in communities around the world. Your donation provides life-changing PreK – 12 STEM learning, STEM scholarships and educator training, and invaluable mentoring.


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Energize your community when celebrating a special occasion and raise money for STEM education. Create a fundraising campaign by choosing an activity (ex. birthday, anniversary, etc.), setting up a campaign page, and spreading the word.

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