We can’t do it without you

No worthwhile mission can be accomplished without the personal commitment of passionate individuals working together toward a common goal.

What is your passion?

Is it ensuring that inner city or rural community children have access to high-quality STEM education? Or, passing down your own excitement about science and math to young learners?

“We need to start with the youngest learners to put these opportunities in front of them. That’s why I’m a rabid supporter of SAE STEM education programs.”

Bob Ireland, SAE Foundation donor

STEM Education for All Students

Through the generosity of the donors and corporate partners who support the SAE Foundation, to date the A World In Motion (AWIM) STEM education program has served more than 6 million students around the globe and engaged over 30,000 industry volunteers:

  • 84% of students developed an increased interest in math and/or science concepts
  • 72% of students displayed an increase in their math and/or science score
  • 47% female student participation

Support Us

Together we can spark curiosity, inspire greatness and leave the world better than we found it. Let us help you fulfill your philanthropic goals by investing in the future of young learners and STEM education.