A World In Motion


The SAE Pre-K-8 STEM education solution—A World In Motion® (AWIM)—is a hands-on, inquiry-based learning experience that brings science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to life, setting young students on a path of lifelong journey of personal discovery. Benchmarked to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, AWIM offers engaging, real-world challenges developed to the “engineering design experience” where students design, build, test, and present a solution/product. See the AWIM program in action:

AWIM puts tools in the hands of educators and families to spark interest and achievement in STEM subjects while sharpening problem solving and communication skillsproviding a solid foundation to help students succeed in future education and career endeavors. With an easily adaptable program model, the AWIM curriculum supports deep learning experiences in different education environments whether virtual, at-home or inschool. 

SAE advances STEM education, increasing teachers’ proficiency and confidence in STEM subjects while breaking down barriers of gender, ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic background to reach ALL students, not just those who have existing interest in math and science. By combining practical, experiential learning with mentorship, AWIM delivers solid results with measurable impactpaving an equitable path to future STEM career opportunities.

Did you know…Students who participate in AWIM: 

94% develop an increased interest in math and/or science 

72% display a significant increase in math and/or science scores 

81% show a change in attitude toward math and/or science 

 Discover how SAE AWIM impacts the global workforceView Infographic.

“I have been using the SAE A World In Motion program in my classroom for several years to bring the STEM concepts we are learning to life. Each AWIM project provides a deep learning experience for my students, putting them in the role of an engineer through a hands-on design challenge. The program is very adaptable which is important to me teaching in a multi-age learning environment with 5th-8th graders.” 

 ̶ Susan Luinstra, teacher, Bynum, Montana

Learn more about AWIM including free STEM@Home resources:http://awim.sae.org