Why Support the SAE Foundation?

Do you want to build a diverse, STEM-fluent workforce in your communities around the globe? SAE specializes in partnering with corporations to help them achieve their CSR goals while building strong community relations and positive brand image.

Equitable Access to STEM Education

When you invest in the SAE Foundation, you advance STEM education to break down barriers of gender, ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic background, and increase teachers’ competence and confidence in teaching science, technology, engineering and math.

SAE’s A World In Motion® (AWIM) and Collegiate Design SeriesTM (CDS) programs intersect theory with application through hands-on learning and mentorship, creating a direct pathway to computer science, engineering and other technical careers.

Community and Employee Engagement

Do you want to help spark inspired learning? By partnering with the SAE Foundation, you deliver high-quality STEM education programming in the neighborhoods where your employees live and work to cultivate STEM-savvy future innovators. Your employees can engage directly with students, igniting passion for STEM careers and sparking a lifelong interest in learning.

In addition to the benefits to students, employee engagement with teachers and students also creates profound experiences for volunteers:

“It’s heartwarming to see the kids’ reactions. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit three classrooms; the amazement, understanding, and thankfulness radiates from all of the kids. AWIM is amazing.”

Joseph Thomas, Ford/AWIM Volunteer

Impact of Your Support

The SAE Foundation has a strong record of multi-year partnerships and is continually recognized for the innovative ways we bring STEM education to life for students, teachers, and their families. Your corporate donations are the engine that enables us to:

  • Conduct nationally recognized PreK-12 STEM education in 37,000+ in-person and virtual classrooms
  • Serve over 100,000 PreK to college students per year in 15 countries — including groups that are underrepresented in science and engineering
  • Engage 5,000 industry volunteers each year from partnering organizations

Contact Us

To find out how your organization can support the SAE Foundation and STEM education for all students, please call (724) 772-8508 or email