Help Unlock the Potential in Every Child – Right in Your Community

Take an active interest in educating and cultivating the next generation of engineers and scientists by volunteering with SAE’s STEM programs.

  • Serve as an in-classroom volunteer in an AWIM classroom. For a short-term, flexible time commitment, you will help make learning fun, help students discover the exciting application of science and math, and share information about rewarding careers in your chosen profession.
  • Volunteer as judges and coordinators at  A World In Motion® (AWIM) events or in technical and non-technical roles at SAE’s Collegiate Design Series™ competitions.

Elementary Students Learn STEM, Compare Notes with Northrop Grumman Volunteers

Sixth graders at Patterson Elementary School in Gilbert, Arizona, weren’t the only ones taking notes during their STEM class. They soon noticed a volunteer from Northrop Grumman brought his own notebook and was writing down everything during their AWIM® Gravity Cruiser STEM challenge.

Asking students to take notes and show their work is often no small feat for teachers. However, when they see engineers taking notes in real life—writing out calculations, capturing observations, and constantly referring back to their notes—that can send a powerful message, especially to the group of sixth graders at Patterson.

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Other Ways to Get Involved

Whether you make a donation, serve as a volunteer in the classroom, or encourage your employer to get involved, there are countless ways to make a lasting impact.