During the uncertainties of 2020, Qualcomm saw an opportunity to support students and educators by making a three-year commitment through the SAE Foundation to transform STEM education and strengthen communities. As a leader in mobile and computing platforms for automotive applications, Qualcomm understands that a strong STEM-savvy workforce is essential to accelerate innovation. Over 500 students in Arizona and California benefited from participation in the SAE A World In Motion™ (AWIM™) program during the first 18 months of implementation.  Qualcomm’s investment to provide experiential, project-based STEM learning helped move the needle to increase STEM diversity and equity by reaching under resourced communities with large under represented populations.

Employee volunteers from Qualcomm enrich the learning experience while providing valuable exposure to role models and STEM career paths as they interact with students participating in AWIM challenges through the Electric Vehicle Learning Center (EV-LC) in San Marcos, CA. Qualcomm’s support of SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program provides university students the chance to share knowledge and inspire STEM in future generations. By volunteering through LearnTwice, university teams earn funding to cover SAE competition expenses while giving back to their community.

With  Qualcomm’s support, SAE AWIM launched a pilot for an interactive virtual learning experience, in partnership with Active Learning Labs. The curriculum supports distance and hybrid learning while introducing middle school students to engineering simulations, interactive worksheets, business simulations and design thinking methodology.