Kia Georgia

Kia Powers STEM through School-based Partnership

The Kia Georgia flipping book showcases the incredible partnership between SAE and Kia Georgia over the last 10 years. Through their commitment to education, Kia has provided vital resources, volunteer support, and funding to thousands of teachers and students in Georgia and Alabama. The flipping book highlights the life-changing impact that Kia’s contributions in the community have made on students, empowering them to learn essential #STEM skills and inspiring the next generation of innovators. Check out the flipping book here!

Kia Georgia has a strong commitment to move the needle forward on STEM education in local communities through the SAE International A World In Motion® (AWIM) program. Since the start of the partnership in 2012, hundreds of teachers in Georgia and Alabama have received AWIM resources, training and support to deliver engaging, hands-on STEM learning experiences reaching over 95,000 students in more than 60 schools.

This focused support starts with AWIM program distribution and extends to Kia Georgia volunteers working with students and educators to enrich the AWIM learning experience by sharing their personal expertise and serving as positive role models.

In 2013, Kia Georgia began supporting an annual culminating AWIM competition giving students the chance to put their skills to use in a friendly regional competition. Students work in teams to apply concepts they learned in the classroom to design the most efficient and smooth-running balloon-powered vehicle.

Learn more about Kia Georgia’s strategic STEM outreach approach in partnership with the SAE Foundation and discover tips for launching your own STEM initiatives to support your communities.

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