How Kia Georgia’s Ted Arnold Gives Back Through Volunteering

When Ted Arnold is not leading the department for Body Quality Control at Kia Georgia, he actively volunteers in the SAE Atlanta section, inspiring the next generation. Ted Arnold recently celebrated his 15-year anniversary at Kia. Ted has served in several roles at Kia. At the start of his career, Ted started as a supply quality manager, later, he became the department head for Quality Assurance at Kia. Ted currently serves as the Vice Chairman for SAE’s Atlanta section, but that’s not where his volunteer journey began. Back in 2013 Ted had the opportunity to participate in an SAE volunteer event on Kia’s campus and it’s a memory he says he’ll never forget.

“The first AWIM volunteer event I went to at our training center here at the Kia campus was a much smaller group. It has grown into this big event that we have in downtown Atlanta with 500 fifth graders and it is just a great time every year together with those kids. It was one of the greatest experiences.”

“One of the most rewarding parts of being an SAE volunteer is the relationships you build with the students. After the students get warmed up to me, I’d go around and help the students with their challenges. Hearing over my shoulder ‘Mr. Ted, can you come help us, Mr. Ted look what I did!’ Being in the classroom is the best part and seeing how engaged the students are is really the reward for me.”

Over the years, Ted has mentioned wanting to make an impact on all students, but especially in the
West Point GA region. Coming from a small town like West Point, Ted wants the future of Kia to flourish through reaching the next generation. “This plant is going to be here a long time and we’re trying to develop our future engineers and technicians.” Ted Arnold has been a huge asset to the SAE Atlanta chapter, and he continues to shape the future of mobility.

Kia Georgia’s partnership with the SAE Foundation has allowed over 95,000 students in Georgia and Alabama schools to receive hands-on STEM education through the SAE International A World In Motion®(AWIM) program. Over the last 10 years, Kia Georgia has committed to inspiring today’s youth through AWIM, and volunteers like Ted Arnold are what make this experience so enriching to students.

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