First Grade STEM Project Takes Center Stage  

Treveon loves building things. He also loves sharing what he’s made with others. “A natural presenter,” his mother would say—who is filled with boundless curiosity and a willingness to help others. 

Through the support of donors like you, Treveon’s first grade class had a chance to design and build something a little out of the ordinary—a non-electric pinball game. “He was so excited. He talked about it all of the time,” his mother recalled.

Getting the high score would require a lot of experimentation and also learning about gravity, kinetic energy, inclined planes, and of course probabilities. Working with his team, Treveon carefully placed a wall on their pinball playfield and worked together to change their launches to avoid the wall. The eager six-year-old quickly figured out how to get the high score. If a classmate got stuck along the way, he would always volunteer to help.

When it was time to present their project, Treveon was in his natural element. His team developed a poster presentation about their non-electric pinball game and had the unique opportunity to share it at the 2023 SAE Foundation Annual Celebration

With more than 500 automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace engineers in attendance, Treveon beamed with confidence as he shared what his team worked on as part of their A World In Motion® (AWIM®) Pinball Designer hands-on STEM experience. 

Treveon shares his project with Ford CEO, Jim Farley

Throughout the evening, there was a steady line of people waiting to learn about the project and see if they could end up getting the high score. Getting the chance to play the role of a teacher at the Annual Celebration was something that was very special for him (he also really liked the cookies).

Now seven, Treveon hopes to have a chance to help other students with future AWIM challenges at Detroit Public Schools Community District. “He really liked building the pinball game, being a teacher, and helping his classmates,” his mom added.  

Together, we can make a lasting impact by expanding access to hands-on PreK-12 STEM education.  Your generous donation will enrich the lives of young learners, strengthen families, and uplift communities. 

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