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Celebrate Engineers Week 2023 and Inspire Young Learners

February 20, 2023 | Posted in Stories, Teachers & Volunteers
SAE Engineers Week 2023

Volunteers play a critical role in delivering SAE’s award-winning A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK – High School STEM education program. Each year SAE members and volunteers as well as employees from our organizational partners, help bring STEM to life …

Third Graders in Austin Cheer On Classmates During STEM Experience

ridgetop elementary AWIM STEM classroom program

Self-driving trucks? Building your own race car? For 18 third graders at Ridgetop Elementary School in Austin, TX, the world of STEM came to life thanks to classroom volunteers from TORC, a self-driving truck technology company, and the University of …

Eighth Grader Finds Superpowers Through STEM Experience

For Tony, a neurodiverse eighth grader at Sevilla West Elementary School, the start of classes couldn’t come soon enough. “Can I have a chassis? I think this year I want to build a limo,” he eagerly asked Sevilla West STEM …