Inspire Young Learners During Engineers Week 2023 and Beyond

Volunteers play a critical role in delivering SAE’s award-winning A World In Motion® (AWIM®) PreK – High School STEM education program. Each year SAE members and volunteers as well as employees from our organizational partners, help bring STEM to life for thousands of young learners. During Engineers Week 2023, please join us in celebrating their tireless contributions and work to inspire curiosity in STEM.

University students like Ali Jensen make STEM relatable, opening the door to potential STEM careers or a college degree that otherwise might seem unattainable. As volunteers, they have a chance to give back and share that passion for STEM with students as early as PreK. That early exposure can lead to a lifelong path of learning and discovery.

Experienced engineers bring a wealth of knowledge into the classroom, sharing real-world examples and career success that can motivate students and boost their confidence. AWIM volunteers like Don Robins help recruit other engineers and industry professionals to mentor students.

During Engineers Week, consider how you might help inspire curiosity in STEM for a young learner. From volunteering through our AWIM program, to serving as a judge at a local STEM competition, to offering to read to students at your local library, there are countless ways you can get involved.

The impact our AWIM volunteers have on the lives of young learners is immeasurable. Become a part of this movement to ensure more young learners have access to life-changing STEM education.

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