Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day 2023

Join us in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day as we say thank you to the amazing educators who are inspiring curiosity in STEM for all students.

Every day, teachers are making extraordinary contributions to their classrooms and to their communities. Teachers like Linda Hallinan in Dayton, Ohio brings her real-world work experience as an engineer into her STEM curriculum. Together with her students, she organizes summer camps for inner-city youth in Dayton to give them a chance to use 3D printers and vinyl cutters, and to program robots.

In LaGrange, Georgia, fifth-grade teacher Sara Proctor is constantly looking for new ways to engage students of all learning styles—especially those who might typically struggle in a traditional classroom. Thanks to her tireless dedication, student interest in STEM has skyrocketed. The SAE A World In Motion® (AWIM®) JetToy Challenge has grown from a classroom challenge into an afterschool club that culminates in a regional competition supported by Kia Georgia funding and volunteers.

At Gompers Elementary-Middle School in Detroit, Michigan, retiring fifth-grade teacher Glynis Flowers always put her class in situations to help boost their confidence while also challenging them to push beyond what might typically be expected from fifth graders studying math. So much so that they were able to answer almost every eighth-grade-level math question during morning announcements. They were that good.

These are just a few of the inspiring stories we hear every day from teachers, students, and parents. Part teacher, part superhero, part motivational coach, and trusted mentor, they are the source of positive energy that greets students every morning and sets them up for academic success every day.

Thank you for all that you do today and throughout the year to help young learners succeed.

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